How many shirts have you bought only to have them shrink after a couple of months? All of our shirts are printed on high-quality shirts. This means these shirts will last. All of our shirts are Pre-shrunk. Including our hoodies. So we start with a larger size and pre-shrink them before printing on them.

Have you also bought a shirt and after 10 washes the ink started to fade? We print all of our garments using DTG ( Direct To Garment ) printing. This helps make the graphics last longer. This is because the ink is printed like an inkjet printer directly to a shirt, hoodie, etc. Printing this way helps the ink soak into the fibers. Then we heat set the ink after printing. This is another treatment so the graphics last. 

To get a true quality shirt you could easily spend $45. We don't believe you should ever pay more for a certain colored T-shirt or pay more because you need a larger size. 

Embrace The Belly. 

Try one of our shirts and see the difference!

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